“If a person is depressed or having mood swings or anxiety or whatever,don’t tell him/her to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist.instead of saying this , go and communicate so they don’t feel alone.Ask them what are they feeling , ask them if they are done with their breakfast lunch and dinner,ask them how was their day ,ask them how many times you crossed their mind and tell them how much they matter to you and how much you love them.Show them that you care , you want them in your life.Its natural that when anyone feels low on life , they prefer pushing people away but its literally not like this.Everyone needs someone with whom they can be attached af.

Dont let them push you.

Stand by them

Hug them if near and if not then hug them through prayers.

Make them feel better and tell them they are loved and above all you love them,show this.

Let the person be proud of you and dont let them live without you, dont let them feel low ever.”//Samar❤️


Author: Bakhtawar

Obsessed with sky and planes

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